Tech tip: See tags used in groov

groov Tags in Use dialog box

Is there a way to see whether a specific tag from your tag database is currently in use in your groov mobile interface?


You can also find out where a tag is used, what gadget it’s attached to, and whether it is used multiple times. Here’s how.

In groov Build, from the View menu choose All Tags.

As you can see in the image at top right, all the tags in your groov project are listed in this window, no matter what source they come from.

You can sort the list by column.

Click the Tag column heading, and the list is sorted alphanumerically by tag name. (Click the Tag heading again and the list reverses, so Z is first.)

The image at bottom right shows the result: the list is sorted by tag name.

groov Tags in Use dialog box, sorted by tag name

Scroll to find the tag you want and see where it’s used. If it’s not in the list, it’s not used in your groov project.

You can sort this list by other columns in the same way.

So if you want to see which tags are represented by Round Gauges, for example, click the Gadget column heading and then scroll down to see Round Gauges. All those tags will be grouped together.

Or if you have multiple SNAP PACs and OPC-UA servers in the same interface and want to see all the tags used for one of them, click the Device column heading.

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