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What is groov?

groov gives you the visualization, data handling, and connectivity tools you need for your Internet of Things project

Securely move data. Monitor & control sensors, systems, and equipment.


groov Build on a computer

Build your groov operator interface

Browser-based software makes it easy to build your unique operator interface.

  • Runs in your web browser—Firefox, Chrome, Edge, IE 11, Safari
  • No extra software to install; no plugins
  • Connect to Modbus/TCP devices, databases, online services, software APIs, Opto 22 PACs, and OPC-UA equipment & servers
  • Drag and drop from a built-in library of gadgets, then tag the gadgets
  • Set user permissions and security
  • Configure real-time trends up to 5 years
  • Log events and notify technicians via email or text

groov View on a tablet

View your interface

Your users can securely view the interface you built from just about any computer or mobile device.

  • Browser-based viewing for smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers (even web-enabled HDTVs)
  • Free groov View app for iOS and Android
  • View interface pages and data as authorized
  • Monitor and control your system or equipment from anywhere
  • Receive event notifications via email or text
  • No keys; no user fees
  • No user or device limits

Watch the groov webinar

“The drag-and-drop interface on groov was extremely easy to use.” 

– Jonathan Bravo, Natural Fruit Corporation (Florida)

Handle Data


Build simple logic flows easily with Node-RED

Manipulate, move, and add value to your data using open-source Node-RED software.

  • Included in your groov Box
  • Enjoy the convenient built-in Node-RED Admin with editor, project backups, software updates, and more
  • Leverage hundreds of pre-built nodes for devices, software, APIs, online services
  • Wire nodes together to massage data and move it where you need it
  • Use SNAP PAC and groov nodes to connect with Opto 22 equipment



Use OPC UA and MQTT/Sparkplug

Ignition Edge® in the groov Box, together with a groov Enterprise license, give you the IoT connectivity you need.

  • Ignition Edge internal OPC-UA server and drivers connect to Allen-Bradley®, Siemens®, Modbus® over TCP, and more
  • Configure up to 500 OPC-UA tags in the Edge database
  • Utilize MQTT protocol with Sparkplug messaging to simplify IoT communications
  • Monitor and control PLC systems in your groov operator interface
  • Use OPC-UA tag data in your Node-RED flows

groov is:

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