New groov 2.2: Faster Editing, Video Sizing, More

groov 2.2 video gadget can shrink to thumbnail

groov 2.2 is now released! This free update includes plenty of new features.

We already told you about the new momentary button, better trending, dark background colors, and Stash.

This time we’ll focus on some more new features that save you time and give you more flexibility.

  • Size videos more easily:
    • Shrink videos all the way down to thumbnails if you wish.
    • Choose Fixed Aspect Ratio so the video’s shape stays the same regardless of its size. No distortion.
  • Save time in groov Build:
    • Use automatic names for gadgets. Gadgets default to their tagnames, so you don’t have to name them unless you want to.
    • Grab gadget handles more easily to resize and move.
    • Resize pages smoothly and quickly.
    • See all editing tools in the new Edit menu (or right-click in the screen as before).
  • Use up and down timers from PAC Control strategies in your groov interface.
  • Customize Value gadgets to show more meaningful text—instead of just On/Off, show state as Open/Closed, Yes/No, or whatever is most appropriate for your application.

See all the changes in groov 2.2 in the Readme file.

Update your groov now:

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. In the Details column for your groov, click Show.
  3. For a groov Box, click the groov App R2.2b file. For groov Server, click the groov Server R2.2b file.
  4. Save the file to your computer.
  5. Install the update. For help, see “Updating groov” in the groov User’s Guide.

Or watch an update video: Update groov App for your groov Box or Update groov App for your groov Server