Renew your groov Maintenance


If you’ve had your groov Box or groov Server for almost a year now, you’ll soon be seeing a renewal email for groov Maintenance.

What is groov Maintenance? It’s simple: groov Maintenance lets you get groov updates for free.

When you purchase groov, one year of maintenance is included. That means that for one year following the date you first activate your groov, you can download and install groov updates for free. groov updates include new features (like new gadgets and the Stash), enhancements to features (like more pens for realtime trends), and patches as needed.

When that first year is over, you’ll want to renew Maintenance so you can still get updates for free.

We’ll send you a couple of reminder emails, and you can just follow the link and instructions in the email to renew. It’s important to know that the email is for a specific groov, and the quote you’ll get for the renewal cost (10% of the retail price for your groov) is tied to that one groov.

You’ll also want to know that renewal extends from the expiration date, not from the date you purchase renewal.

For more information, see the groov Maintenance Technical Note, form 2130.
And watch for your renewal email.