WeMo PAC Control Chart

Use your Belkin WeMo switch with groovAre you as fascinated as we are by the variety of “smart” devices now becoming available—and affordable?

One of these is Belkin’s WeMo switch. Plug the switch into an electrical outlet, plug in a light or appliance, and you can remotely turn it on or off with your smartphone.

Our own OptoMary couldn’t resist writing a little PAC Control code for the WeMo so she could add it to her groov mobile operator interface. She explains how she did it and includes her sample WeMo flowchart in this Control “smart” devices – WeMo Example OptoForum post.

Ben Orchard tried out Mary’s code on his home automation system, which is based on a SoftPAC programmable automation controller. Easy! If you haven’t already seen Ben’s video about adding a WeMo switch to his system, which of course he monitors and controls using groov, take a look now.

Read the WeMo control OptoForum post.
Watch the groovHeads video.

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