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Visualizing the Internet of Things


All logos and product names used herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies or organizations. groov is a product from Opto 22 and is not related to nor endorsed by other companies mentioned.

Opto 22’s Ben Orchard presents at Internet of Things North America

(Milwaukee, Wisconsin, May 2014)

In this presentation Ben starts with his own admittedly geeky house to make some key points about what the Internet of Things means to you and me, whether we’re in the industrial automation field or not.

The Internet of Things is hard to visualize. But when connected sensors, devices, and data belong to you, the Internet of Things becomes important—and personal. Your IoT is different from my IoT.

Each brand “thing” in Ben’s house is monitored or controlled by a different app, built for a specific brand mobile device or computer. They’re smart devices but aren’t truly connected. What’s missing is a universal app—one app where you can see and manage all the things that are important to you. What is that app? A modern web browser, already built into all brands of smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Ben demonstrates using a web browser to build and view an app—one that works for his own Philips hue lights, WeMo switches, and Twitter account, as well as an Allen-Bradley PLC, a SATEC power meter over Modbus/TCP, and a huge number of industrial control and building automation systems using OPC-UA.

The tool Ben uses is groov from Opto 22, a company with 40 years’ experience manufacturing hardware and software for industrial automation, remote monitoring, and data acquisition.

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