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groov / Mobility

What do you want to see or control from your smartphone?

  • Machine status
  • Factory production
  • Energy usage
  • Facility security
  • Key performance indicators

Now you can monitor and control all of these, and more.

Just imagine what you can do…

  • Test a valve on the spot—no need to walk back to your computer.
  • Use an inexpensive tablet as an operator interface for the machine you’re building.
  • Control equipment in dangerous environments—places where you can’t go or where you can’t afford to run network wiring.
  • Mobilize technicians in the field and monitor remote sites from anywhere.
  • Make your Internet of Things (IoT) project a reality.


“We use our iPhones to control lighting, signage, HVAC, building alarm, hood fan, everything. groov makes a nice BMS (building management system).”

– Dave Brosseau, automation integrator & owner, That Bar-B-Q Place (Alberta, Canada)

Use your mobile interface on any device!

Any manufacturer, any size

The mobile operator interface you build in groov works on virtually any web-enabled device, regardless of manufacturer or screen size.

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • iPod touch
  • Computers
  • Web-enabled HDTVs

See the list of compatible devices.

How does it work?

Your interface works on all these devices because groov is based on Internet standards like HTML5, CSS3, and SVG.

This responsive design means that everything on the screen—gauges, buttons, trends, labels, live video, everything—automatically scales to match the size of the device they’re viewed on.

All screen elements in groov (we call them gadgets) are designed for use on both touchscreen and keyboard/mouse. You control what appears on the screen and how it looks.


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