groov now included in free Opto 22 SNAP PAC System training

Opto 22 free hands-on training includes groovOpto 22’s free SNAP PAC System training classes at company headquarters in Temecula, California, are always popular, and it’s easy to see why.

For three days you get hands-on training on SNAP PAC controllers, SNAP I/O, and PAC Project automation software. Not to mention lunches, a factory tour, and a bag of gifts.

And now you’ll also get hands-on training with groov.

You’ll learn how groov fits with the SNAP PAC System and gives you the ability to monitor and control other automation systems as well.

  • You’ll learn to build a simple operator interface just by dragging and dropping pre-built gadgets onto the screen, and then tagging them from your existing tag server—either from PAC Control or from an OPC-UA server.
  • You’ll see how your interface looks on a desktop or tablet and how it looks on a handheld phone, and you’ll learn what tweaks to make to maximize both views.
  • Then you’ll use the interface you built on your class computer and on your own mobile device.

Find out more about SNAP PAC System and groov Training.